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昨年半年森内茶農園で修業した?りっこちゃんの会社: HOKUSAN TEA CANADA が、

森内茶農園の自然仕立て手摘み玉露を コンテストに出品して見事 優勝 しましたと報告してくれました

去年に引き続き森内茶農園のお茶で2年連続で優勝です うれしいですねぇ~ ご購入希望はこちらから Exciting News! I'm thrilled to announce that Hokusan Tea Canada has been awarded the Best Japanese Green Tea of 2023 by the North American Tea Association—for the second year in a row! 🙌🍃

This achievement is proof of the unwavering support from our incredible community and the dedication of Team Hokusan.

I'm grateful for your trust and loyalty as we continue our journey to bring you the finest Japanese green teas. Here's to a future filled with more exquisite flavours and shared moments.

Thank you all! 🍵

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