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 ​You'll definitely find the tea you've been looking for...

Moriuchi Tea Farm

A small tea farm that has been around since the Edo period, making tea at their home tea factory using only fresh tea leaves from the tea fields managed by the couple.

Based on the concept of
​   [helping you live a happy life with tea]
We are a tea farmer who conveys the charm of
tea along with tea.

Tea with strong flavor, sweet tea, tea with good aroma,

tea with sharpness, tea with clarity...

Cold brew tea, hot tea, tea you want to drink in the morning,

tea you want to drink after rice

Tea you want to give to your loved ones, tea you want to brew casually,

tea you want to drink while reading, etc.

We have over 15 cultivar and can be made in a variety of ways including sencha, kamairicha, oolong tea, and black tea.

You can choose your favorite tea from the many teas available only

at Moriuchi Tea Farm.

Tea plantation and Tea factory
Choose tea
Tea experience
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