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Introduction video

Interesting videos unique to tea farmers set in tea fields and dirt floor cafes
​Please take a look at the mysterious world where everything is overseas.

We do our best to respond to requests for promotional videos for tea, Shizuoka, Japan, etc.

Actually, I'd like to avoid it because it's embarrassing...(^-^;

The Green Tea Masters of Shizuoka

This is a video of YouTubers touring tea in Shizuoka.

​Moriuchi♀ who is hot and unmotivated with his energetic partner is interesting (lol)

Appeared on Thai TV

A program in which Thai celebrities travel to Japan

They also came to visit Moriuchi Tea Farm.

It's uploaded to YouTube.

​The image is very beautiful

I'm also in the picture, but please don't look there ^_^;

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