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Japanese tea cafe

The cafe section is closed.
We hope you will take advantage of our Japanese tea tour, which includes walking through tea gardens, experiencing the finest tea, and comparing drinks.
Enjoy tea from our own garden in a 150-year-old old folk house @farmer's home.
I usually do farm work.
Reservations are required.
Please make a reservation before coming.
Japanese tea cafe

🍂Natural hand-picked Sencha 1500 yen~

🍂Single origin variety tea 1000 yen

🍂Slightly fermented tea 1300 yen

🍂Japanese oolong tea 1300 yen

🍂Japanese black tea 1000 yen

🍂Others 800 yen


🍵 Compare drinks

🍂4 types of hand-picked tea 4000circle

🍂4 types of tea 3200 yen

🍂 Comparison of 4 kinds of fermented drinks (Koshun) 3200 yen

🍂Drink comparison for beginners   2800 yen

🍂Slightly fermented tea, 4 types of oolong tea 3200 yen

🍂4 types of black tea 3200 yen


Tea leaves, teapot, hot water cooler, hot water cup, pot

Small tea order

(In summer, we also provide ice and cold water)

We will brew the first cup for those who wish.

Drink menu
...We will have some time to talk and explain.
Please contact us for details such as types.
​Please feel free to contact us.
Cafe experience
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