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​Hando-rolling tea masutera

(We will be closed in  the busy season)

This is an experience of "rolling" tea, which is the basics of tea making.
Hand-rolling tea master qualified holders of Yoshio Moriuchi under the guidance of enjoy a full day of tea
We have "One day course" andhalf day" Medium heat course"
While the tea is being dried, you can compare teas at the  cafe or take a walk in the tea fields.
Take the finished tea home as a souvenir.
Enjoy your time with our signature tea.​

Authentic hand-rolling tea course made from steamed leaves

Hand-rolling tea  experience "TEMOMICHA"
Time required:
  Approximately 6 hours

Minimum number of people:

  1 to 6 people

Price: 50,000 yen (1 course)

Reservation required

Recommended for those who want to experience it in earnest.

It's an exciting 6-hour experience where you can experience with all five senses the process of turning moist, steamed leaves into stretched like a needle, hand-rolling tea.

Even if it's physically demanding, if you take turns with a few people, it's sure to be a fun time!

(When there are no new buds in the field, we use frozen steamed leaves stored at -60 degrees Celsius)​

Steamed leaves

Easy half-day course

Half day course
Light feeling
Time required:
  Approximately 3 hours

Minimum number of people:

   1 to 6 people

Price    38,000 yen (1 course)

Reservation required

"I'd like to try hand kneading, but I don't have the time and I'm not confident in my physical strength..."

This half-day course is perfect for those people.

This is an experience from the state where the most difficult "lower hando-rolling tea" is finished.

Let's make a tea by rubbing the moist, green leaves into stretched like a needle .​

​Please feel free to contact us.​
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