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Thoughts on tea plantations and factories

We respect nature, treat tea seriously, and make tea without compromise.
I am proud to be a craftsman, a farmer, and a tea master, without sparing time and effort, and without worrying about productivity.
We are happy to be able to deliver tea that we have made with all our heart to our customers.

◆ Eco Farmer Certification Number

No. 2090072

Tea plantation
Shizuoka Honyamacha
 The Abe River and Warashina River basins that flow through Shizuoka City are known as the Honyama district, a historic tea-producing area that has been designated as a high-quality tea-producing area since the Edo period and was presented to the Tokugawa Ieyasu as a ``regional tea.'' is. Thanks to its blessed natural conditions and improved cultivation and manufacturing techniques, it has the distinction of being a high-quality tea producing area, and is loved by many as Honyamacha.

We make our own fertilizer that is over 80% organic, mainly using rapeseed meal and fish meal.

 The time-consuming fertilizer brings out the aroma and creates a refreshing tea.

 Shizuoka Prefecture has set limits on the use of fertilizers in order to not put a burden on nature. I will follow their instructions and cooperate in environmental conservation.

Pesticide spraying

I think of it the same way we take vaccinations or take medicine when we are sick.

Do the bare minimum to grow healthy tea plants.

We believe that it is better to avoid using pesticides as much as possible in order to preserve the environment, so we apply less than half the amount of pesticides used by regular tea farmers.

I make tea that I can confidently make my children drink in large quantities every day.

We use hand rolling tea techniques to produce tea that is rich in flavor and shine.
By growing the buds from our own garden, we are able to fully understand their characteristics and create tea with a rich aroma and a neutral taste.
 In addition, since 1999, we have been producing fermented tea such as black tea, making use of the characteristics of the variety.

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