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Born as the 9th generation of a tea farmer that has been in business since the Edo period.

When I was a child, I would run around the fields and mountains in straw sandals and eat nuts... (lol)

He practices the ``set a goal and move toward it'' technique he learned in junior high school, high school and on the baseball team when making tea. (A former Koshien baseball player)

Agriculture is a natural laboratory where you formulate a hypothesis and then change the conditions to put it into practice.

Due to his inquisitive mind and research zeal, he is nicknamed the "Tea Fool" and is thinking about tea 365 days a year.
In order to create the ideal tea, he is a true craftsman who loves working in tea plantations and working with tea in tea factories.

🍃Japanese tea instructor (2nd term)

🍃Hand-rolling tea "TEMOMICHA" master

🍃Shizuoka Prefecture Honorary Business Manager

🍃Eco Farmer Certification

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